Thursday, May 12, 2005

What a beautiful face I have found in this place

Mother says Greg and his family are excited.
I haven't thought about them much lately, but I have
20 days to send them something from CA before they move up north.
I will meet them sooner or later and when I think about it, it's pretty
exciting but in a way, I don't want things to change. That's life though.
Changes are the basis of life.
I am learning to understand that a bit better in my older age.

As a young girl I went bowling with family-friends, maybe once or twice.
But here in Woodland, we've gone twice and I love it. I've got the polaroid
to capture the memories and those moments of giggles at the many gutterballs of Joel.
But karma is indeed lively and teaching me that laughing at others faults don't really
make me any better.
Target and Sam Goody has both let me down, neither of them happened to carry a Neutral Milk Hotel album, bummer! Waldenbook's had "The Ruling Planets" on sale for $7.99. As an excited girl who loves bargains, I gasped really loud, picked it up, and said "7.99!" Had to have it. Also, I bought THE GUIDE OF GETTING IT ON. I'm only curious to what I don't know and supposely, there's everything about sex in it. As much as I hate modern day human sexuality, I'm nearly fascinated with the idea of people having sex. Before the age of ten I knew how to get myself off. I think this fascination stems from that. I will read it and probably learn more than I know now and I'll probably become some amazing sex therapist/educator/lover and so forth.

Joel and I picked up a few things we'll need to participate at the gym: reversible green sports shorts (for him), a grey tank top, a white work out hoodie, and some earth tone colored yoga pants that are way too long for my short legs. Again, another bummer.

I have many books to read.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I'm in Northern California, yeah.

The blistering california sun and endless bright skies, a range of mountains, road signs to big cities. It seems unreal, but here I am in a world I haven't felt prepared for, but I did it. I pushed myself into a life I didn't feel ready for. I'm living and breathing in another part of the country, content. Memories of home shed my mind with their warmth and I hug myself a little tighter and say "it's going to be okay, joel loves you too." I don't want to jinx myself. Everytime I feel so happy and write it down, I feel supersitious, but usually because I start to feel the opposite after I mention it. Today I met Omar, he's a lot like how I imagined him to be. He has very dark eyes, black hair, he dresses like a cool guy. His girlfriend is very cute, too. I think I will enjoy them a lot.
While we've been here, everything seems so much happier. All the glee is nice. I really enjoy Joel a lot more in this surrounding. I have no plans of moving here, but it's definitely nice to get away.
Joel and I are fixing up his room here. We bought a few nice pieces of furniture. This beautiful light fixture, some candles, a clothes rack with this neat hangy shelf thingie, yeah.

God, thank you.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

I'm all smiles.

As much as I believe it’s wrong to gawk at others while involved with someone romantically, I can’t resist:

I didn't mention I'm happy (for superstitious reasons.)