Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I'm in Northern California, yeah.

The blistering california sun and endless bright skies, a range of mountains, road signs to big cities. It seems unreal, but here I am in a world I haven't felt prepared for, but I did it. I pushed myself into a life I didn't feel ready for. I'm living and breathing in another part of the country, content. Memories of home shed my mind with their warmth and I hug myself a little tighter and say "it's going to be okay, joel loves you too." I don't want to jinx myself. Everytime I feel so happy and write it down, I feel supersitious, but usually because I start to feel the opposite after I mention it. Today I met Omar, he's a lot like how I imagined him to be. He has very dark eyes, black hair, he dresses like a cool guy. His girlfriend is very cute, too. I think I will enjoy them a lot.
While we've been here, everything seems so much happier. All the glee is nice. I really enjoy Joel a lot more in this surrounding. I have no plans of moving here, but it's definitely nice to get away.
Joel and I are fixing up his room here. We bought a few nice pieces of furniture. This beautiful light fixture, some candles, a clothes rack with this neat hangy shelf thingie, yeah.

God, thank you.


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